Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Colorful Christmas Memories

As a mom and a woman I'm always trying to come up with ways to make the Christmas season (or any season for that matter) more memorable.  And also I know that I could spend tons of $ on huge elaborate things that my kids would have no idea about and they probably won't remember them when their 20...

One VERY simple ChambersMade Christmas Tradition we have is a Christmas coloring book, it lives with the Christmas decorations and comes out when we unpack all the stuff.  Every year we have the kids color at least one page, if not more and any Christmas guests that we have visiting also color a page or two, then sign and date the page...then when we pack Christmas all up we pack up the coloring book too...and then next year when we get it out it's fun to look at the kids artwork from the year before and to remember the guests that were visiting us during Christmas last year. 

This is such a simple ChambersMade Christmas memory and inexpensive too, right now the dollar store has nice Christmas coloring books (for a whole $1)...

Go color yourself a memory!

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