Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu for Feb 8-21st the meal planning is going, okay...
I have found one of my problems that since I started blogging and meal planning is that I have only planned meals for one week out, yet we get paid twice a I should be planning at least 2 weeks of meals so I can grocery shop for those meals all at once...
what's been happening is that I plan a week of meals, shop for that week of meals and try to brainstorm while shopping what I might be able to make next week for dinner and also get those things while shopping...
NOT working so hot...
I even starting writing a 2nd week of meals on the back of my grocery list while I was shopping...knowing that if I bought a bag of tortellinis that I could use 1/2 for a meal this week (Chicken Breast w/Cheese Tortellinis & pesto sauce) and 1/2 next week (Cheesy Tortellinis with Meatballs), a family pack of ground beef and chicken breast would spread over 2 weeks or more, rice and potatoes are a given...etc....
but the problem with that 2nd list I made at the grocery store was that it never got onto my computer, somewhere between the dairy section of WinCo and the stair-master that is our house I would lose that list or throw it away in the unloading-hauling up the stairs-unpacking-putting away-dividing meat into freezer bags-chaos that follows grocery shopping...
So, new plan...actually make the menu a 2 week menu and shop for those items ALL at the same time...
GENIUS....yes I know!

Monday Feb 8th
     Lunch-egg salad 
     Dinner-Taco Soup
Tuesday Feb 9th
     Dinner-Cheese Tortellinis with Meatballs
Wednesday Feb 10th
     Lunch-Tuna Pita Pockets
     Dinner-Meaty Ziti (didn't get made off last weeks menu)
Thursday Feb 11th
     Dinner-Lemon Chicken with Alfredo Pasta and broccoli 
Friday Feb 12th
     Lunch-grilled cheese
     Dinner- Date Night
Saturday Feb 13th
     Dinner-Respite Event @
Sunday Feb 14th
     Lunch-out to lunch?
     Dinner-Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Sweet-n-Sour Chicken
                 (in honor of Chinese New Year)
Monday Feb 15th
     Lunch-Egg Salad
     Dinner-Cheddar Roast
Tuesday Feb 16th
     Dinner-Maple Glazed Pork Chops 
Wednesday Feb 17th
     Lunch-taco salad
     Dinner-Western Night @ Church...chili I think?
Thursday Feb 18th
     Lunch-fish tacos
     Dinner-Ground Beef Stroganoff
Friday Feb 19th
     Dinner-Mom's Night Out for me
               -breakfast for dinner for the family-French toast 
Saturday Feb 20th
     Dinner-family date night
(Beau with Madison @ 5th Annual Father Daughter February Feast @ church & Wilson and I... who knows where we'll go...)
Sunday Feb 21th

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Chanonn said...

How in the world do you stretch a family pack of hamburger and a bag of chicken breasts 2 weeks or more???? Holy Moly! You must be good:) I really need to start making a menu..but mine would be dinners only... Now where to start, hmm..