Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some Not-So-Random Things I Love About Him

Valentines Day is such an odd day.  Some celebrate it with a passion and other's avoid it like the plague saying that it is a holiday invented by Hallmark to sell more cards...  I really don't know any other holiday (non-Church related) that so many people feel so passionately about.  If you hear about a family that's celebrating say St. Patrick's Day no one ever responds by saying, "That's such a stupid holiday, it was invented by the Irish to sell more beer!"  Or "Thanksgiving, such a stupid holiday, invented by the airlines to increase sales in November!"

Well, the history geek in me had to research the who-what-where of Valentines...and to my surprise it's way older than Hallmark, in fact Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine's Day around 498 A.D. 
(looks like a romantic guy)

My Beau and I (I call him "my Beau" because beau is French for boyfriend and that's his kinda makes him gag, but secretly I know he loves it!), have an on again off again relationship with the Love really depends on our checkbook if we celebrate it or not, and guess what, I really don't care, I know that he loves me and I don't need to wait for one day a year for him to show me what he already shows me everyday.

So, I've decided to tell the world (or my 33 blog followers, you represent the world to me!) why I love him...

He loved me first *  He has eyes that capture me EVERY time he looks at me *  He sings Bon Jovi songs to me * He washes the dishes *  He loves God *  He serves God *  He told me he would NEVER go into "the ministry" yet when God called him he said yes  *  He dances like he's at a 1993 high school prom, a VERY white prom too *  He plays the piano with his soul *  He loves our children beyond measure  *  He teaches me how to be a better mom  * He can't fix a car to save his life *  He bought us a fixer-upper when I was 9 months pregnant even though he's not a fixer-upper kind of guy, knowing that I've always wanted one *  He laughs at me every time I ask if we can buy another fixer-upper, when we're still in our current money pit! *  He never leaves the lid off the toothpaste *  He always leaves the seat down * He makes our bed * He makes the best scrambled eggs ever  * He dances with our kids * He likes Murder She Wrote * He doesn't care what the world thinks about him *  He's deep, deep in the dork forest, and loves being in there *  He does Madison's math homework with her  *  He loves his mom VERY much *  He has strong values that are unbending * He respects me *  He can't stand when I'm sick, and always wants to take me to the hospital if I'm sick or hurting *  He looks really good, I mean REALLY good, like back-off-ladies-he's-mine good, in dark jeans 

and many many more...


Beau said...

I love you too!

Mary Daw said...

That makes me want to make a list of what I love about my husband. It really is just the little things!