Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu for Feb 1-7th

Okay so I have made menu's on and off again my entire marriage...sometimes I will start off really good, and keep at it for a good...week...
I know that making a menu helps on so many helps me not have to think about "what's for dinner?" at 4 pm...
it helps my kids not ask, "what's for dinner?" the entire afternoon 
(I just tell them to look at the menu)...
it helps when I grocery shop...
it helps keep my fridge cleaned out rather than keep adding to the leftovers already in there...

so now that I've been blogging for 2 months (whoot whoot) I've tried to put out a menu for every week...and I think I've done it...not that I've stuck to my menu, but I've stayed pretty close...and my grocery budget is doing good too...

     Lunch-grilled cheese
     Dinner-Sloppy Joes
     Dinner-Wonton Soup and Fried rice
     Lunch-chicken salad
     Dinner-Sunday Night Potato Chowder
     Dinner-Meaty Ziti
     Lunch-egg salad
     Dinner-Concert w/ pizza there!
     Lunch-taco soup
     Dinner-dinner out and Mulan play 
     Dinner-Cheddar Roast


Erin said...

I don't know if you can have Sunday Night Potato Chowder on Wednesday. :) I like the sound of Meaty Ziti. I think I'll just keep repeating it to myself the rest of the evening. Are you going to post the recipe for Meaty Ziti?

I do weekly menus too, and they really do help with all those things! My favorite is telling the kids to go look at the menu when they're bugging me about their next meal.

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Good job Kiera on keeping consistent with your blog for two months! You are on a roll girl--whoot, whoot! Have you thought about posting ads or join blogher to get some money??

I love meal planning too...let's just say it has taken me awhile to get it how it will work for me and still, I adjust with it. BUT, the benefits are so worth TIME & MONEY....and some of my sanity!

Kiera said...

@ Erin, I too was worried about the Sunday Night Potato Chowder on Wed...I will let you know if it throws the rotation of the earth off (or you might feel it)...and I love the name Meaty Ziti too, that's why I added it to the menu and I'll post the recipe once I've tested it...

@Laura...tell me more about this posting ads and blogher...I want to know all!

Lee said...

Good job meal planning. I can't shop without a plan. Not that I always stick to it. Sometimes Mondays meal works better on Wednesday, but at least this way, I know I have the ingredients in my pantry. Otherwise, I don't know how I'd shop. :-) Sad huh?