Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu for Jan 11-17th

I just realized than I never menu plan for Sundays...and why don't I plan for Sunday's?
Sunday's are my day of rest...
well, day of rest AFTER 12:30,
I'm wrangling cats from 8-12:30 every Sunday morning
(or helping to guide young souls?)
So the not scheduling a menu item for Sunday lunch/dinner actually makes my day of rest, less restful
well, 4:30 rolls around on Sunday and the kids start with the
"What's for Dinner?"
"I'm hungry!"
"Are we going to order pizza?"

and then when I start throwing out the options that my tired brain/body can muster up for dinner I get the...
"Not that!"
"We had that last week"
"I'm not hungry for that"
"Is there anything else we can have?"

So I've decided to start adding Sunday to my menu list, but I'll still start the menu on Monday...
     Lunch-grilled paninis
     Dinner-crock pot shells and cheese (mommy has a meeting tonight)
     Lunch-tuna melts
     Dinner-baked potato bar
     Lunch-soup and grilled cheese
     Dinner-Lemon Grilled Chicken and Alfredo pasta (mommy  has a wedding rehearsal tonight)
     Lunch-grilled chicken salad (I'll be @ the church for the majority of the day with a last one)
     Dinner-pork chops
     Lunch-after church potluck
     Dinner-scrambled eggs and country potatoes

If & when I post recipes I will link them back to the items on this page...
enjoy your week!

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