Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I LOVE Thanksgiving...

I think I love it more than Christmas...
     as a day...not as what we're actually celebrating!
     Pilgrims vs. Jesus...of course Jesus wins!

maybe it's because I love being in the kitchen

I really really love and enjoy the kids in the kitchen next to me
all the family together
     parents & kids
     husbands & wives
     grandmas & grandpas the kids grandparents not mine
          that would be weird and creepy since mine have passed away
      Aunts & Uncles
      this is a picture of my great-grandma Roberts,
not sure if this picture was even taken at a holiday, or just her in the kitchen, but I love it!

all of us wearing our aprons (I have a small apron collection...but need more)
sleeves rolled up
hands washed

all the smells...
the sounds
the memories

maybe that's why my list is so long...even though I only signed up for 3 things
Pumpkin Pie are the only things I actually signed up for...
oh and the breakfast 4 things....

my own, self imposed, list of kitchen to-do's today
*another batch of this Chex Mix
     opting for MORE chocolate chips, per my Father-in-Law's comment
     or was is a suggestions of, "there's just a 'hint' of chocolate chips"
*Pear Tart
*Pumpkin Pie-I just use the recipe off the back of the can of pumpkin...with homemade pie crust and more vanilla than the recipe calls for.
*Chocolate Pie
*French Toast Breakfast Casserole (for tomorrows breakfast)
*stuffing prep for the stuffing in the morning...chopping, slicing, sautéing (yep, that's a real word, I checked wikipedia), ...still trying to decide if I will make 2 types of stuffing...I really, really, really don't enjoy stuffing, but I really want I have found a recipe with artichoke hearts & spinach....we'll see!

and Beau's not off the hook either,
here's his list
*Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies
*Cheese Ball....

oh, happy day for me...
Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all, and to all a Good Day!

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TheSmithHotel said...

Have a great Thanksgiving! Oh when you said Beau was making a cheese ball~I thought you were calling him a Cheese Ball. LOL