Tuesday, November 30, 2010

planning my week

just because I NEED to make a list I decided to share it with you

Monday-yes I know it's come and gone, but the reason you make a list is to cross things off so I can cross Monday off my list
    X*work in girl child's class
    X*work in boy child's class
    X*work on schedule for church
    X*long family walk on river trail
    X*help children with homework while making dinner
    X*get to bed at a crazy early time (yep asleep on couch by 8!)

     *shopping for girl child's birthday (food and presents)
     *shopping for pants for boy child (he's grown like 2 inches since school!)
     *get finger printing done for the school...
          only been volunteering there for 5 years!
          love going to the sheriff's office...
               it's like the DMV only with KNOWN criminals!
     *finish sewing valances for the church office makeover
     *finish church schedule
     *bake cupcakes for the girl child's class party on Thursday
     *piano lessons
     *help with homework while making dinner

     *make frosting and frost cupcakes for girl child's class
     *work on Christmas tree skirt
     *get photos for Christmas cards
     *kids choir

Thursday (happy 10th to the girl child!  CRAZY)
     *special birthday breakfast
     *open a few presents
     *take the kids to school
     *work at church all morning for MOPS
     *race to school with cupcakes
     *get homework done so we can GO out to celebrate the girl child's 10th
     *go to dinner somewhere that serves a patty melt-
               the girl child's (a former recovered-vegetarian) favorite food!
     *eat leftover cupcakes and open more presents
     *make cake for Friday's party @ home

     *take the children and husband to school
          (husband is Science Dad on Fridays!)
     *come back and get house ready for lots of crazyness....
               aka 1st E.V.E.R slumber party!
     *decorate cake
     *crazyness...lots of little girls...lots of laughing and giggling and squealing....
          do you plan games for a slumber parties or do you just let stuff happen???

     *send crazy home
     *get Christmas tree
     *decorate Christmas tree
     *downtown Christmas parade

random stuff to get done whenever
     get house ready for slumber party
     clean off front porch
     grocery shop
     figure out where the last 10 years went!

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Becky said...

Soo precious, Kiera! I should make lists, too. I'd get more done. But, instead, here I am...killing time instead. =)