Monday, February 7, 2011

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

love an easy chicken dinner with less than 5 ingredients?

and that makes your house smell delish....

BBQ Chicken sandwiches
1 whole chicken (you can use breast or any other chicken pieces that you want)
favorite BBQ sauce (or the one that's in your fridge)
sweet peppers (optional)

Rinse off the chicken and get rid of all the gross nasty stuff they put inside...why do they do that...does anyone actual use the neck anymore???
cut off tops of peppers if using them and clean...
place chicken and peppers in crock pot
pour BBQ sauce over the top

high for 5 hrs, low for 8

carve and shred chicken and toss with more BBQ sauce
place on warmed rolls and top with slice of cheese (we used swiss)
sorry I didn't get a better picture, I was hungry and had been smelling the chicken all I snapped a quick pic and gobbled it up...I had plans to take a picture of the chicken all shredded before it went on the rolls...but that also didn't happen...

I've said it before...I think...
but a whole chicken in the crock pot is amazing...real moist chicken and so very tender...I think this bird was in the crock for almost 10 hours and I was worried it was going to be dry, it was fall off the bones tender and melted in our good...
I went to make a sandwich the next day with the leftovers and the husband had almost finished it off!

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