Tuesday, January 25, 2011

menu for Jan24th-Feb 7th

okay so I didn't get a menu posted yesterday...

but I DID work in both the kids classes
put in a few hours at 'work'
do a few loads of laundry
make dinner for the family
help the kids with homework
go on a family walk around the neighborhood
eat dinner together (yummy dinner I might add!)
cuddle on the couch and read a stack of books with the kids
tuck the kids in and veg out with the husband watching MSW...

and the whole time I was creating the menu in my head

dinner items:
Mexican Lasagna (actually made it last night...so yummy)
Chicken Pot Pie
Calzones (girl child's choice)
Nachos (boy child's choice...again! using this meat)
Soup-probably minestrone since I didn't make it last week
Chicken Pesto Pasta
BBQ Chicken in the crock with sweet potatoes
BBQ chicken sandwiches
Sweet-n-Sour Beans (super bowl)
leftover buffet-at least 3 times
Brinner-breakfast for dinner...
     to include either crepes or a puffed oven pancake..
     haven't made either in years and both sound so good
Ground Beef Stroganoff

lunch items:
salads with all the fixins
tuna noodle casserole...never actual made it off last menu
fish tacos

now I just need to figure out what day this week I'm going to actually make it to the store...hoping tomorrow am...

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