Monday, January 3, 2011

Bring on the Snow

just a Wintery Welcome...

 wanted to share our winter door wreath...
decided to give the ol' grape vine wreath a little break,
took a trip to the Dollar Store and WalMart with the girl child
bought a cheap wooden wreath (not sure what to call it, the straw colored ones)
some clear cellophane gift wrap stuff
and 50% off silver snowflakes (@ the Dollar Store I spent $2.25)
and then some 75% off sparkly sliver things from WalMart (spent $1.25 at WalMart)

cut the cellophane into 2x12 inch strips and tied them around the wreath
think I need to go get another role so I can do some can still see some of the wreath thru the cellophane...
I also added some white WalMart bag strips to give it more depth...
and then stuck the sparkly things all over and hung the snowflake in the middle,
also had some silver beaded necklaces that we used for New Years Eve (have NO idea where these came from!) that I wrapped around too...

so now, even though we will probably have NO more snow in Redding this year (our New Year's Eve 'dusting' was a surprise) we have a wintery sparkly welcome on our front door!
all for $3.50...not bad...and I can probably just add some pink and red at Valentines day to change it up!


Kelsy said...

I just took down my Christmas wreath and my door is looking so necked!! I have a cute Valentines one I made a while ago, but I think it's a little soon. I may have to see what I can find for a winter one next time I head to Target. :)

Kathy said...

Pretty and so clever -
Love it !