Saturday, December 4, 2010

Speaker of the House

are other women voted into this role without knowing?

I live in a house with 3 other unique individuals...
one of them is an adult male...

yet so many other people think that I have all of the answers for these 3 other people....
I sort-of understand people that ask me questions in regards to my children...
     I mean I AM their mother...
but sometimes I get weird questions...

3 from today alone,
"Does Madison have any loose teeth?"
     Madison was sitting right next to the person that asked me this questions
"Does Wilson need to go to the bathroom?" 
     again, Wilson was closer to this person than I was
"Does Madison like sausage?"...and again, 
     Madison was right next to the person that asked me the question...

ask them yourself!  I want to scream! (and sometimes say thru clenched teeth)

what drives me MAD
what I can't stand
is when I'm asked questions that concern my husband!
I get people that call me...
     on MY cell phone 
to ask me questions about my husband...
questions that HE should and could and would answer himself!
'can Beau fix my computer?'
'does Beau have this tool?'
'when can Beau call me?'
can, will, how, what, when, ARGH....

I married a Man...
a Man!
and he looks like a Man
he has more gray hair than me (lots more, cuz I still haven't found a-one!)
in NO way does Beau look like he might be my child
please world
STOP asking me questions in regards to my husband who is more than man enough to answer them himself!

so sorry if you chose not to marry a man and have to now answer these questions the rest of your life...that was your respect my choice and my husband and treat him like the man he is!

I am now officially stepping down from the speaker of the house position!

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