Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent All Wrapped Up!

and it has begun...the count down, 
we currently have 4 advent calendars going...
the chain...
the chocolate 
and then these two!

what kid doesn't LOVE bubble wrap?
and by kid I mean everyone who has EVER been a child
seriously, tell me you can resist the the urge to pop the bubbles...
or stomp on them
or twist them to make firecrackers sounds!

and what kid doesn't love a Christmas countdown?
combine the two and you have a fun, easy project
Popping Advent Calendar
large bubble wrap
25 circles from colorful scrapbook paper
   or 25 circle stickers
pen to write #'s
tape or glue dots

take your bubble wrap and cut into a tree shape
(with 6 bubbles along the bottom of the triangle)
that will give you 21 days,
cut off a 'trunk' of 4 and tape onto tree if you want the full 25 days
(if you make just the triangle start it on day 5 (tomorrow, Sunday!)

using a die cut machine of some sort-I have the Silhouette SD (love it)
cut out 25 circles or more for multiple trees
or buy the circle stickers sold for yard sales and stuff

write numbers 1-25 on the circles
or 5-25 (if you're doing the counting the date until Christmas)
or 1-20 if your just counting how many days left until the big day!

silly me...put the circle on the tree, and then had to write the numbers on...
I suggest writing the numbers first!

the kids had fun...
the boy child looks, well, 'special' in this picture,
but he did have fun, and this IS the best picture that he took!

love how they made them so different with the same supplies
the girl child put her circles on in a hodge-podge pattern
and the boy child chose order
(so NOT their personalities)
now they get to pop a bubble every day!

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