Wednesday, December 15, 2010

menu dec 15-dec 25th?

okay so I've totally flaked on making a menu for the past...I don't know month at least!

anyways...I was forced to do the worst thing ever today...
grocery shop without  menu or even a list...
I went in KNOWING the important facts
we needed
*coffee (maybe the reason I was shopping without a list!)
that was my list!

yeah...but my fridge and pantry are empty.... while shopping without a list
or even a scrap of paper to start a list, I searched my purse for anything to make a list/menu on when I hit aisle 2....but nada I had to totally make my menu, shop for my menu and try to remember my menu when I got home....
lets see how I did...

Wed-egg rolls and rice
Thu-Sweet-n-Sour beans and corn bread
Fri-meatloaf and mashed potatoes
Saturday-birthday party dinner served there!
Sunday-not sure, the kids have their Christmas program at church...needs to be something light and fast
Wednesday-patty melts
Thursday-leftover buffet
Friday-Christmas Eve sandwich
Saturday-Merry Christmas-Crab and Ham...YUMMY!

okay, that will hopefully get us thru the next week and a half...don't want to think anymore about menus....

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Mr. Smith said...

Don't you end up spending way more money when you go not knowing what you are getting - I always do. I don't shop alot myself - Mrs. Smith does that. I am an impulse shopper. I leave the menu to Mrs. Smith.