Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu for March 1-7

Okay, so I took a week off of menu planning and grocery buying, we all get one of those weeks every once in awhile, right...

So even though I decided that my menu planning/grocery shopping was going to be for 2 weeks, I'm only making this one for a week, since that's all I want to do...
and I can, since, I'm the one making the menu
I'm the one shopping for the groceries...
which only means that next week at the same time I'll be sitting here blogging about our menu and grocery I should make it for two weeks,
but I still don't wanna, so I'm not going to!

Monday 1st
     Dinner-French Toast
Tuesday 2nd
     Dinner-enchiladas...chicken & cheese for us and beef for a family that just had a baby!
Wednesday 3rd
     Dinner-Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday 4th
     Lunch-egg salad
     Dinner-Mexican Lasagna
Friday 5th
     Dinner-Beef Stroganoff
Saturday 6th
     Lunch-grilled cheese
     Dinner-Chicken Piccata
Sunday 7th
     Lunch-who knows
     Dinner-Chinese night-Sweet-n-sour chicken and wonton soup

okay, so I did it... I finished the to grocery shop...and also fit in about 5 hours worth of church work into 1 hour, a dentist appointment for the boy child, and the mountain of laundry that's half washed, not folded or put away...
and ALL the things I NEED to create for the upcoming 

have I mentioned that I'm selling some of my wares at the upcoming TheSmithHotel's First Open House and Boutique...come see all the great stuff, Fri March 19th & Sat March 20th...lots of great stuff !!! Vintage items, Handmade items and Organic products! Products on TheSmithHotel's Etsy Shop will be available to purchase and also featuring items by ChambersMade and Gottcha Covered!  Look for more info in the coming days and weeks about the open house and boutique...and for sneak peaks at the stuff that I'll be selling!

okay now back to reality...and grocery shopping...and dentist...and Mt. Laundry! 

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TheSmithHotel said...

I am coming up with more new ideas to create and sell!!! I just bought a bunch of wool sweaters that I am trying to felt! Crazy! Good luck on your aprons!