Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Things

okay, so rather than do what I need to be doing...
(well, my husband folded...AND put away...Mt. Laundry today so...well, I have NOTHING else productive to do! as if...)
I was getting lost in blog land (have you been lost there...sometimes I wander for hours and hours...yikes)...I stumbled upon Mel's Coffee Break and loved her blog today about 10 I'm stealing borrowing her idea...

"What are 10 things - right off the top of your head - that we would only know about you if we knew you really well? 10 random things ranging anywhere on your personal map that make you a tad distinctive? Or just plain weird? Think quickly. Don't go for deep. Go for quirky. Don't try to put them in any kind of order and don't make them long. Just start typing."

1.  My nickname growing up was Kiera Bug
2.  I'm NOT organized and have a REALLY hard time cleaning my house
3.  I love brussel sprouts
4.  I have only ever owned one CD...and my husband bought it for me 2 years ago
5.  I DO NOT sing in public or anywhere besides in front of my children and only because it annoys them...not even at church, I usually mouth the words...I'm VERY self conscious of my voice
6.  I can't spell...and I'm getting to the point where Madison's 3rd grade spelling words are stumping me...I'm a little scared for the day  her teacher asks me to correct the spelling test and doesn't hand me the cheat sheet!!!
7.  I like to go to bed early...
8.  I have a perfect driving record...although I have been pulled over twice...once for a stolen car (really, who would steal a Buick LeSabre?)  and once for talking on my phone (only I wasn't talking on the phone...I was picking a ZIT!)
9.  I love to vote (part of my history/social science geekness) but hate to study up on all the ballot measures & I refuse to vote for something if I don't know enough about the issue, so I will leave it blank...)
10. this is huge...I don't tell anyone...and now I'm going blog public...
I was on the flag team in high school...don't know why, but I HATED it...I liked all the other girls...just HATED being on the flag team...and I don't tell anyone!...yep...I was a flag girl...and I'm very uncoordinated...not sure how I never gave anyone a black eye!  Maybe it was the uniforms...or the marching in parades wearing those horrible uniforms...or the marching in the parades wearing the horrible uniforms and throwing up long sticks with flags attached to the end...don't know why...but it wasn't my thing!

okay...what are your 10 things?


Linda said...

1. I'm a lot younger than my brother and sister. They were 18 & 19 when I was born (same parents, too)
2. Born and raised on a mid-western farm. I tend to feel sorry for all kids who are raised in town.
3. Learned to drive a full size tractor when I was 8 or 9. Loved to disk a plowed field or rake hay!
4. When I was 20 I packed up my car and moved cross country (by myself)to California to be with a friend.
5. Met and married a 'cowboy' within 6 months of being in CA and still together almost 38yrs later.
6. Love to read!
7. I can wiggle my ears!
8. Both my daughters were born at home (with the MD in attendance)
9. I'm a good seamstress
10. I love animals

Sherri D said...

I'm SO with you on #5! Love your 10 things!