Tuesday, October 12, 2010

would you rather

have you ever played the game "would you rather"?

i think it's an ACTUAL game, but we play it all the time as a family...great road trip game...

a blog that i love, Lola B's one girl talks, did her own version of "would you rather" today and so i am posting my answers here...it's a fun way to get to know someone!

*would you rather spend a week on the beach or a week on the slopes?

*how old are you?
     32...for 4 more days...Sat, Oct 16th is my birthday...
     you can send all gifts to me at 
     2123 Sacramento St, Redding, CA 96001
*are you single…married..or divorced?
*would you rather watch ‘hoarders’ or ‘i didn’t know i was pregnant’?
     'I didn't know I was pregnant'-'hoarders' hits a little too close to home!
*would you rather wear ballet flats … boots …or  flip flops?
     flip flops
*would you rather live on a farm …in the city….or be content in suburbia?
     farm...really close to a city...might need to rethink the flip flops...
     but wait...am i content in suburbia???  i think maybe i am...
     or do i live in suburbia?...not sure Redding counts as suburbia or a city...
 *would you rather have dinner with Whoopi Goldberg or Regis Philbin?
*would you rather have roasted tomato soup or chicken noodle?
     chicken noodle
*if you could travel for two weeks anywhere in the world…where would you go?
*would you take your husband or travel with a friend?
     my husband
*would you take your kids or leave them behind?
     depends on their age...right now leave them in 10 years take them
 *would you rather drive a mini van or mini cooper?
     mini van...i dream of a mini van...someday!
*would you rather  go to a movie or a musical/play?
*would you rather have a cupcake or a bag of chips?
     chocolate cupcake
*would you rather sit and read or watch a favorite show?
     read...if i'm reading a good book...
     or then i might opt for good ol' MSW
     (murder she wrote for those too young to know how hip MSW is!)
 *when was the last time you slow danced?
     at a wedding...probably Robert and Rayna's so 6 years ago!
     or do you count the dance parties that we have as a family...
     but then i'm slow dancing with the boy child...
*would you rather sit and dream or live your dream?
     live my dream...although i'm not sure i've figured out what that is yet
*would you rather eat kraft mac n cheese or ramen noodles?
     kraft mac n cheese
*would you rather your child ate their buggers or collected them on their shirt?
     nasty!....but i'd say collect them on their shirt...
     since this is what the boy child is currently doing!
*would you rather exercise or watch Oprah?
     exercise...wow, that is NOT what i would have answered a year ago!

*would you rather wear sweats or get dressed for the day? 
     get dressed for the day
*would you rather be caught wearing your sweats at walmart or chuck e cheese?
     WalMart...because i actually go to WalMart...i can't stand the Chuck e Cheese...gives me hives just thinking about it!...not that i love WalMart, but WalMart is a necessary evil in my life...Chuck e Cheese is NOT!

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