Sunday, October 17, 2010

I know how to party-Tag

Yesterday was my birthday...
I turned 33...
I spent the day trying to sell my wares at the Green Baby Expo...
sold $18 worth of stuff...but the booth space was $60
(that was $180 split 3 ways...and total the three of us didn't break $100) I lost $42...(we lost over a $100 as a group...good times..I think next time ladies we should 'spend' that money on a spa day or at least lunch at a nice restaurant!)
then out to dinner with the family where the girl child ends up sick and almost vomiting in Outback...
happy birthday to me!

I actually did have a good day, hanging out with two good friends at Green Baby...
(trying to crank text and learning that I am too old to remember any crank phone calls)

...dinner was nice and sweet with the family (up until the girl got sick)...
and then by the time we got home the boy child was also sick, so off to bed early for both kids...
both in bed and sound asleep by 7 pm...
so a nice relaxing evening with my Beau 
(have I mentioned how much he LOVES when I call him "my Beau")
yeah, he just gagged a little...
we read a little and then the two of us watched a little MSW (murder she wrote) 
and I fell asleep (with drool) before the end...
and YES folks that is how I party!

a friend, Krystal over at These are but the Fringes, tagged me in a blog tag with a few are my answers...a little get to know me for my belated birthday
1) What is your favorite book and why? I'm talking the book you can read cover to cover more than once a year! 
not sure I have a book I can read more than once a year...I love to read and a few classics that I have read multiple times are "To Kill a Mockingbird" (read it in jr. high and have loved it ever since, I think I've read it maybe 6 times) "Puddin' Head Wilson" (read it in my book club, picked because the name was great and LOVED it, have only read it twice, but I really enjoy it)
2) How did you meet your spouse? 
at college (Simpson College), both stayed on campus over the summer (him for classes, me to work)...we had both 'noticed' each other before that, but hadn't really talked or hung out or anything.
3) What is your favorite family vacation from when you were a kid? 
can't say...remember a LOT of camping, and a trip to Disneyland and a trip to Ohio...remember them but can't say they were "favorite vacations"...
4) What is your favorite comfort food?
love winter with all the cozy comfort foods, I think either Chicken Pot Pie or mashed potatoes and gravy!

5) If money were no object, where would you pack up and fly off to today?
Disneyland or Disney World... and then a long relaxing road trip of the east coast.

6) What's one word you would use to describe yourself?

7) 3 People who are dead now you'd want to go out to coffee with? NOT including Jesus, because after all, He's NOT dead and you can actually have coffee with Him someday :)
Joan of Arc-just would like to talk to her...for someone so young to die for their beliefs...amazing
Mary (mother of Jesus)-also for someone so young to make such a decision about her life
my grandpa's (okay that's 2 people), but I never met either one of them and I'd love to sit and talk to either one...both seem like some amazing, gentle, funny, men...

going to tag a few friends with these questions
1.  If you're a everyday coffee drinker do you set the auto brew the night before or make it every morning?  If you'r not a coffee drinker...well, I got nothing for you...
2.  If you could have an orchard with only one type of fruit tree what would it be?
3.  Choose 2 people, living or dead, that you'd love to invite to  Thanksgiving dinner...two people you've never met...and do you think the 2 would get along...(not Jesus...yes, he is alive, but I'm hoping you've all met him!)
4.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years...and Are you where you wanted to be now 5 years ago?
5.  what is your "throw down" meal...the meal that you usually have the ingredients on hand to make and you can make it fast without the recipe...
6. choose one 
Day at the Spa with your best friend...Day in a cozy cabin with your husband...Day at an amusement park with your family...
7.  do you have a life verse or saying?

to all of my 49 readers...feel free to answer any of the above questions (the ones that I answered or asked) and reply in the comments...these are the ladies/blogs that I'm tagging with these questions
Lee @ Creative 2Xmom
Becky @ Rookie to Rockstar
Kristen @ Kristen Parr
Laura @ Lil' Daisies 
Krystal @ These are but the Fringes 
     (Krystal I know you've already been tagged, just wanted you to see my answers...)
Mrs. Smith...aka Jody @ TheSmithHotel 
     ...which isn't a's not on a map...but it IS a destination!
Kelsy @ We Weren't Crazy


Melanie said...

Love it!!! It's so fun to see everyone's answers! ... and I forgot about Chicken Pot Pie, oh my, yes!

Happy (belated) Birthday!!! Mine is next Saturday so we are close together!

Have a great day!

TheSmithHotel said...

Okay-going to try to answer these questions-just a little problem with the coffee one-You are such a coffee snob-just like my hubby. Get over it! Tea Rules!


TheSmithHotel said...

Ok-here you go!