Monday, May 31, 2010

A Little Memorial Day Stroll

Thank You to all the men and women that have served our country and continue to serve our country.

Thank You for my freedom, 
for the freedom of my children
for the freedom to serve my God
for the freedom to worship my God

Thank You Grandpa and Dad 
and all the others in my life that have given so much for our country.

and a thank you to all the women...
the women who watched their sons
& fathers march off to serve 
not sure if or when they'd be coming home.

Here is a little Memorial Day "Stroll" through some pictures I have of family members that have served...

my Great Uncle Jack Young, he was with the last riding Army Calvary in World War II, he was killed in North Africa

my Grandfather Earl Roberts, Grandpa Earl served in World War II with the Marines in the Pacific Theater
...on the back of this photo "Happy Birthday Mom, Bud"

my grandfather Earl he signed this one "Lots of Love Buddie" 
the signs nailed on the palm tree say
"Photo Lab", "4th Marines Photo Intelligence", "Restricted Area NO Admittance"
(side note:  I never even imagined that they had "Photo Intelligence" in WWII...)

Love this picture of my grandparents not sure if grandpa was coming or going...

my grandparents and my Dad next to my Great Uncle Jack's (the 1st picture) memorial in Hawaii
my dad served in Vietnam, Marine Force Recon 

my husbands grandfather Woodrow "Woody" J Chambers served in the Air Force during World War II

Woody next to one of the planes he flew

my husbands grandmother, Lucille Mae Chambers as a "WAVE"

Lucille and Woody

Thank You...don't forget to thank a Veteran...
and take a moment during your Memorial Day "Holiday"
to remember why your kids are home today and the mail isn't being delivered...
and be thankful for the freedom that your family is enjoying today,
while you BBQ tri tip, go on a hike, splash in the lake, take a drive...

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