Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crafty Shower

Okay so I blogged last week about my friend, Rayna's baby shower...

and how, per Rayna's request, we play zero games!
I was okay with that
     (even though I love a good game)

together we talked about what to do instead of games
you do have to do SOMETHING
this would not be good...
Hello, welcome to the baby shower...
put your presents there...
okay now were're opening presents
okay, thanks, that was nice, good bye!
well, maybe you could, I think it's a little

So for the shower activity we decided to make oneies for the coming baby...
some onesies created by guests at the shower...
(btw 3 of these were created by kids the dino top middle made by  my boy child,
animals top right, my girl child, whale bottom left by a friends 11 yr old drama queen)

This is what you'll need...

  • onesies (different sizes; I bought 3-9 mon, 12 mon, 18 mon sizes)
  • fabric (I got about 6-9 inches; 6'x40' or 9'x40'...of a wide selection of different fabrics)
  • wonder under (iron-able fusible adhesive)
  • design ideas (I printed off lots of different ideas for people to use as stencils for their onesies)
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • scissors

Directions for cute fabric embellished onesies
1.  Wash & dry all the fabric and onesies before you start your project
2.  Choose your design & fabric
cute out a larger piece of fabric then you need
3.  Cut your fabric larger then your design
4.  Iron your Wonder Under onto your fabric following directions that come with it
make sure your Wonder Under is smaller than your fabric

5.  Trace your image onto the WonderUnder side of fabric (or use images already on fabric)

6.  Cut out images
7.  Peel WonderUnder paper off of fabric

8.  Place fabric design onto onesie

9.  Iron into place following directions that come with Wonder Under

10.  ooh and awe over your cute creation
Cara's sweet sunglasses hanging out of  a pocket

Cristine's owls...darling

Amanda's rockin' onesie

Drama Queen's turtle with bow tie and top hat
Drama Queen made 2 onesies

More creations...the girl child also made the bottom left tie with suspenders...too sweet

the back of some of the onesies, Cristine's owls were also on the back,
my girl child's suspenders on the back criss-crossed,
an elephant on the booty,
the top right is hard to see, the the sharks wrapped around,
& also hard to see bottom onesie has a sailboat on the bottom hip

guests at the shower working on the onesies...
And that's that...Rayna now has 20 hand crafted onesies for her baby, all made by friends and family that were at her shower.
What a special thing...
maybe a little better than trying to guess the flavor of baby food or smelling melted candy in diapers...

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