Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm fighting a war...
a war against...

this is my life right now...
'kill one and two take it's place'

they've been found in the living room 
     we don't eat in the living room
the master bedroom 
     no eating there
the office 
     occasional eating there
the bathroom 
     the opposite of eating there
the dining room eat-in-kitchen floor and wall 
     yes we eat in there...
     and yes there was applesauce on the wall, no comment
the entry way 
     no eating
the hallway 
     no eating
the laundry room/garage/clothes hamper...icky...
     no eating
the linen closet 
     seriously...GIVE ME A BREAK!

this means WAR...

I'm armed with the best I could find

and I'm given' them all I got...

I really can't take much more of this...
I'm going to end up with PTSD....
every little tickle on my skin and I flinch

oh...and bonus...
home with a sick girl...
so ants and sick kid and rain equals one stir crazy mom!

silver linen closet got the clean-out-purge-organization it needed!

BLOG UPDATE:  so it is to be my lot in cross to bear (or is it bare?)...that as long as we live in this house I will be battling a war with ants...but do not fear...Terro-liquid ant baits are the might see some scout ants, place a Terro ant bait in their path...then the grosses-of-all-grossness happens and you will have thousands...maybe millions of ants...they will form a little army to take back as much Terro to their nest as not not spray them with Raid although it is so tempting...just hold up in your happy place rocking back and forth and wait...they are taking the bait back to their nest and it will kill them there!!

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