Sunday, January 29, 2012


a sign that you may force your children to watch nerd tv...

2 weeks ago Saturday...
scene: mom in living room folding clothes and watching American Pickers*

boy child enters scene & sits on couch
boy child-"what'cha watching?"
mom-"American Pickers"
boy child-"YES, that is my favorite grown up show!"

this Sunday afternoon...
scene: boy and girl child sitting on couch playing their DSI's
boy child-"hey did you know one of the American Pickers needed to get glasses?"
girl child-"really, which one?"
boy child-"the tall skinny one, he needed it to see the junk they pick better!"

*important blog note-American Pickers is an educational show on the history channel this is not one of moms 'teen porn' shows talked about in past posts...
**American Pickers is available for streaming on Netflix
I was not compensated in anyway by American Pickers, Antique Archaeology, or the History Channel for this post


Emily F said...

Our kids love that show :)

Mr. Smith@TheSmithGarage said...

adult education - wish I could do that full-time.