Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Menu for Sep 20th-Oct 4th

okay, so here is a really fast menu...hoping to stick to it...
and why the odd dates of the menu you might ask...we get paid on the 20th and the 5th so I'm trying to stretch our menu/grocery shopping from payday to payday...

Monday -Sep 20th
(yes that was yesterday, but I made dinner and it was good and the family sat around the table and we talked and everyone finished their food...so I'm putting it on the blog menu!)
...Meatloaf, smashed potatoes, steamed broccoli...
Tuesday, Sep 21-Breakfast for dinner-French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, country potatoes
Wednesday, Sep 22-Black Bean Soup

Thursday, Sep 23-BBQ pulled pork sandwiches
FridaySep 24--Sunday, Sep 26...the weekend will be sandwiches, crackers cheese & lunch meat, rotisserie chicken and other other meals like that since we're heading down to Santa Cruz for my 2nd Triathalon!
Monday, Sep 27-Orzo and Black bean salad similar to the Spinach Black Bean Rice Salad  

Tues, Sep 28th-Pecan Crusted Chicken breast (recipe from my friend Kristen...can't wait to try it and post the recipe for you guys!)
Wed, Sep 29th-Baked Potato Bar
Thurs, Sep 30-Shredded Beef Tacos (EASY recipe that I will share once I make them and take pictures!)
Fri, Oct 1-Calzones
Sat, Oct 2-Nachos
Sun, Oct 3-Breakfast Burritos
Mon, Oct 4-leftover buffett

now off to grocery shop!...good times

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TheSmithHotel said...

Those are Mr. Smith's paydays too. I broke down and went to the grocery store yesterday and got the kids snacks for lunch. I sent them to school yesterday with just a sandwich-maybe why we polished off the casserole that I just blogged about! Good luck on the tri!