Monday, November 5, 2012


this is the menu that the boy child helped me put together as we grocery shopped after school today...
he was a trooper and ended up with an apple fritter
    {that's a fruit, right?}

tonight...make your own pizza's ...
     using this recipe for the first time

taco salad...with this taco meat only gonna do 1/2 ground beef 1/2 ground turkey

wednesday...wonton soup

thursday...baked potato bar


saturday...CANDY...{our family holiday candy tradition is we throw away all holiday candy at the next Halloween candy gets tossed on Veterans Day, which is Sunday...last year we started a new tradition, the kids are allowed to have candy for dinner on Veterans Day Eve, so then when we toss all the candy on Veterans Day they have had all the candy they want....yep, I'm crazy!}

other items on the menu for next week...
brinner...breakfast for dinner...biscuits and gravy
pulled pork tacos
pfchang lettuce chicken wraps

chicken tikka masala & naan

kielbasa, sauerkraut & potatoes 

 and that's all I got!

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