Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 16

1}  Thankful for school lunches.  I let the kids get one school lunch a week...and I'm always thankful for the mornings that they choose school lunch, the morning goes by just that much smoother...and this is ususally the day that the boy child chooses school lunch...Fridays=pizza

2}  Thankful for Thanksgiving break from school...when I pick the kids up today we will have 9 days off!  I love that!  As a kid we only had a minimum day on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then Thanksgiving and Friday off...I love that they have turning it into the holiday break it deserves to be.  

3}  I'm thankful for dishwashers...I'm listening to ours clean our dishes right's a magical machine!...grew up without one...and in our 14+ years of marriage have had one for all but maybe 2 years of that time...they make me blissfully happy!  And that reminds me of something my mother use to say, and it makes me smile every time....
my sister & I would ask our mom...
     "When are you going to get a dishwasher?"
my mom...
     "I have two of them {referring to the two of us washing the dishes} why do I need another one?"

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