Monday, November 19, 2012

November 18

1}  Thankful for the volunteers at church.  I have a team of over 40 people that volunteer for me over the course of a month.  It's amazing to have that many people willing to step up and help in one way or serve the children and families of our church...and that's just the volunteers for the birth-kindergarten ministry...  So Very Thankful!

2}  Thankful for friends having babies and baby showers.  I went to a baby shower today for a good friend who is having her 4th baby in a few weeks.  I love going to baby showers and seeing the showering of love for the mother and her new baby!

3}  Thankful for Sunday 'dinner'...I don't make dinner on Sundays.  NOPE!  It's my night off...usually we have popcorn, cheese, fruit, etc...tonight we passed on the popcorn, had cheese & crackers and then leftover buffet {whatever you want to eat that's leftover in the fridge!} and we eat in the living room...the only night we eat with the tv on!  Everyone should have a night of the week that's just simple.  And guess what, my family loves Sunday Dinner!  It's a tradition and kids love tradition, they love something they can count on especially if it has a bit of whimsy or quirky to it, and they love telling their friends that we have 'popcorn for dinner' on Sunday nights!

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