Saturday, November 12, 2011

menu Nov 12th-Nov 20th

haven't made a menu in a long long time...
and it's showed in our nightly dinners...
bean soup 
breakfast burritos
candy & popcorn (oh, yes we to follow)

I also have a confession to make...
My name is Kiera, and I am a pintrest addict...
a part of my self-induced therapy is to actually 'create' some of my 'pins' 
and thus...the pintrest menu was born!

Saturday night: Lasagna Soup

Monday night: Chicken Tikka Masala

Tuesday night: black bean taquitos

Wednesday night: Chicken in Basil Cream

Friday night: Zuppa Tuscana soup

Saturday night: Phyllo Dough Pizza

there you have it...
now off to grocery shop...something else that I've been failing at since I haven't been making my menus...

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