Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the Bird

I've 'hosted' most of the Thanksgiving meals since we've been married...
so, 14 years turkey feast and maybe 5 of them have been elsewhere....
I love it...and really it's not something to stress over...
    ....or maybe it's because my family (in-laws included) 
     are low key, roll with the flow, kind of people
...yes, I'm thankful for our families...them are good people!
our menu this year...
the bird
mashed potatoes and gravy
green bean casserole
cranberry relish
rolls & butter
(no yams or sweet potatoes, none in attendance this year really like them)
and then the desserts
pies; dutch apple, pumpkin, & chocolate
molasses cookies

easy peasy...
I wanted to share a family secret recipe to make your Thanksgiving center piece, the bird, low-no stress and perfectly moist and juicy!
ready for it...
it's all about the bag...
the Reynolds, turkey size oven bags...so simple!
make sure the bird is defrosted 
take out all the innards
stuff it if you stuff your bird
butter it up
toss a few tablespoons of flour and some salt and pepper into the bag
place the turkey in the bag
if you're feeling festive and creative you can put some rosemary and thyme on the top of the bird or even some lemon or orange slices
close up the bag
poke some holes in the top
and cook it according to the baking table inside the box...

no need for basting throughout the process
no need to add anything to 'brown-up the bird'

you can use a meat thermometer if you'd like 
     sometimes I have.... 
          sometimes I haven't, GASP!
the bird is always perfect
don't ya just love stock turkey feast photos...?
does anyone really sit down with the bird whole!
I searched the intra-web and not one photo could I find of the feast with the bird all carved up and on the table...so funny!

have a great day...now off to do some 'cooking' with the kids!

1 comment:

Krystle said...

Sounds like our menu!
And this is the first year I am cooking!
AND I will be buying a bag tomorrow...I've sorta been freaking out about the turkey. I bought it frozen yesterday and it's been sitting in my fridge defrosting. Since I don't EAT it, I just didn't know how to do it!

I will do it your way! :)