Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Menu Installment I

tomorrow is officially the first day of summer in our house...
well, it's the first 1/2 day of summer since the kids have a minimum day at school...

okay, blog tangent...
I can't get use to the term 'minimum day.'
I grew up in a school system that called it a 1/2 day of school...
pretty sure it wasn't truly a 1/2 day of school...
the facts; were we got out earlier than normal and that felt like getting done with your prison sentence we called it 1/2 day...
and now when my kids have a school day that isn't as long as a regular day I call it a 1/2 day and everyone looks at me funny and says,
 "what's a 1/2 day?"
really?  it it that crazy to call a minimum day a 1/2 day?
okay tangent over...

so summer sort-of half starts tomorrow...
maybe it's a minimum summer day...
I'm not sure

it's the start of summer and payday all rolled into one glorious day...
and to celebrate ....
I will be going grocery shopping for the first time in
like maybe almost a month since I've gone and done
grocery shopping!

that is very very sad, and yet very very true!

so since our cupboards are bare
our fridge is empty
the freeze is freezing some butter and old fish sticks

I decided that I should probably make a serious list and to make it real I needed to make one of those menu things...

and with summer I have burgers and grilling on my mind...
2 problems with that...
Northern California has yet to get the 'it's summer memo'
and we have no grill

so my menu will reflect the lack of heat and and grill...and not look like a summer menu AT all...
well, maybe just a little...

Friday-minimum day of summer...dinner is actually McDonald's*...
Saturday-dinner meeting at our place-Salad Bar
Sunday-light dinner and large dessert
     (Welcome Summer Dessert party at our new digs)
Wednesday-Nacho Bar
Thursday-company that requested Lasagna
Friday & Sat-I'm out of town for my next tri so the family is on their own, I'm guessing pizza
Sunday-brinner probably puffy pancake, eggs and bacon

and now just a list of random menu ideas that I will plug in whenever it works.
Cheddar Roast
BBQ pulled Pork Sandwiches
Easy Cheesy Crock Pot Chicken (new recipe for the family)
Taco Pie
Pork Chops and Applesauce
Cashew Apple Chicken Salad

and that's all I have for now...
hoping that when it's time for our next installment of summer menu I will have more summer menu items on the list!

*side note...our family 'fasted' McD's this school year!  we took the kids to the 'restaurant' of their choice on the first day of school and it was non other than the golden arches and we told them that the next time we'd  go was the last day of school...the 'fasting McD's' rules were hazy, but pretty much, the kids could eat there if someone else took them and then we once had a friend (who shall remain nameless) that brought Beau and I lunch from McD's...and how do you say no to 100% chicken meat in those golden nuggets and oh so golden fries?!?!...but as a family we have not eaten at McDonald's all school year, not driven thru either!

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