Tuesday, June 28, 2011


13 years and I still can't take a decent picture...well maybe now I can blame it on the photographers...

and this was the place that I was going to post some of our really cheesy wedding photos when we learned that even with a professional I have a hard time taking pictures...but I have NO idea where I have packed or unpacked our wedding album!
so instead...

getting ready to head out for our anniversary date and we asked the kids if they could take a picture of us...and this is what we got!

boy child's attempts

not too bad, a little prom pose and I'm slouching...but overall not too bad!

girl child's attempt
this was probably one of my best picture smiles E.V.E.R...and it's blurry!

 totally had my leg lifted in the 'kiss' pose and she cut it off!
not too bad...probably not going to frame it, but we have taken much worse...and by 'we' I mean me!

and just to be safe, we settle for our standard, take our own photo of my

Happy 13 Years (yesterday) to my Beau!

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The Smith Hotel said...

Hope you had a great anniversary!