Saturday, August 21, 2010 love em!

do you ever have those moments...
those moments that you stand there trying to punish/lecture your children
the whole time remembering doing the SAME thing as a child...
and now as an adult you STILL find the humor in it....

my morning...

I'm sitting quietly at the computer having a cup of coffee and enjoying the peace in the house...
I hear screaming from the kids bedroom...and more screaming...and some evil laughter...

UGH...."Kids come here!"

me-"What's going on?"
kids-"he/she started it!"
me-"Wilson, what happened?"
Wilson-"She was punching me"
Madison-"I was sleeping when he crawled up on me and held my nose till I woke up!"
Wilson-"And then she stared punching me!"
me-trying to keep my composure, "Wilson, that was NOT okay!", "Madison you're allowed to defend yourself  IF you're getting hurt...was Wilson hurting you or annoying you?"
Wilson-"But I just wanted someone to play with me..."
Madison-"more annoying than anything."
me-"Wilson, you are NOT ALLOWED to stop someones airflow JUST to get them to play with you!...Madison, I understand that he's annoying, but physical violence is not okay for annoying little brothers, the next one of you that touches the other WILL get one hour on their bed!"

5 min later...overheard from their bedroom
Wilson singing some repetitive, annoying, rhyming song that he's making up as he goes along....
Madison-"Wilson can you please stop that?"
Wilson-"Wilson can you please stop that?" said in his annoying sing-song-y voice
Madison-"Wilson, I'd really like it if you would stop being annoying"
Wilson-"Wilson, I'd really like it if you would stop being annoying"..again in his annoying little brother sing-song-y voice
Madison-"I'm going to ignore you and then you'll just stop"
Wilson-"I'm going to ignore you and then you'll just stop"
yep...she hauled off and punched him!  what any self respecting older sister HAS to do...but I did have to put her in time out...but only for half an hour because he SO deserve that punch!


Ann said...

That was soooo very funny and so familiar!

Kathy said...

What a crack up !