Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu for July 26th-Aug 4th I know that making a menu, then making a grocery list is the easiest way to make my life easier...
YET I continue to fight this...and fight it when I need order most!
the last week was crazy  with it being our VBS week...
(side note: with my husband being the Children's Pastor and me being the Early Childhood Director at our church, VBS...Vacation Bible School...this week is BIG!)
and yet I failed to make a grocery list or a the last week was sort of mildly crazy and made more so by my lack of planning...
after spending half the day with 30+ preschoolers/kindergarteners
YES day it was 35 of them...
with one other adult and 3 teen helpers...we might have been breaking so sort of code...
the last thing you want is to come home and make dinner...or even think about dinner...
I digress...

I made a menu AND went grocery shopping...yes...on a Sunday no less...with one child in tow...
(menu disclaimer to my husband...all menu items are subject to change according to the cooks discretion...and or willingness to cook in a hot anytime during the week of said menu you may choose to show your wife love by taking her out to dinner with or without the children!)
Monday-July 26th
     Lunch-corndogs (not what I had planned, but I went to work, and dad and the kids were left alone!)
     Dinner-make your own pizzas
Tuesday-July 27th
     Lunch-@ the lake...pb&j sandwiches
     Dinner-pasta salad
Wednesday-July 28th
     Lunch-tuna melts
     Dinner-BBQ pulled pork sandwiches
Thursday-July baby boy turns 5...FIVE!
     Lunch-@ McDonald's, Birthday Boy's choice
     Dinner-Corndogs (also his choice)
Friday-July 30th
     Lunch-3 bean salad & egg salad
     Dinner-Nachos (with beef made in crock pot)
Saturday-July 31st
     Lunch-leftover buffet
     Dinner-Burritos made with same meat at Friday
Sunday-Aug 1st
     Lunch-chicken salad
     Dinner-Kashi Pilaf with Chicken

Monday-Aug 2nd
     Lunch-Fried Egg sandwiches
     Dinner-grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken with pesto pasta
Tuesday-Aug 3rd
     Lunch-who knows
     Dinner-breakfast for dinner
Wednesday-Aug 4th
     Dinner-Huevos Rancheros

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TheSmithHotel said...

So glad you put that disclaimer for Beau! It's been a fly by the seat of my pants around here too! Let's see.....nachos with chili beans for 3 days in a row for it was add another can of chili to leftover beans-pour over bottom of the bag tortilla chips-top with shredded cheese and bake for 20 minutes. 4 days of eating off the same blueberry streusel coffee cake for breakfast.......Your menu sounds Gourmet! Tell your 5 year old happy birthday and soon you will be doing the happy dance to kindergarden!