Saturday, September 15, 2012

walking for life

a week ago my daughter and I walked for life.

a lady at church had asked me over a month ago if I'd be interested in sponsoring and/or walking for the local CareNet Pregnancy Center's Walk For Life...
I instantly said yes and that Madison would do it with me.

my girl loves babies...
she is my baby whisper'er...

I knew that she'd want to support this...
I also knew that she had no idea what the Pro-Life movement was...
the thought of a baby being un-wanted is so unfathomable in her heart!

I asked her if she wanted to walk to support babies...and without even thinking about it she said, "Yes!"
we talked about how much money we wanted to raise, we decided to try for $150 each or $300 total...

then we went along our lives not really getting ready for the walk, it's just a biggie...
I asked around, posted on facebook like a crazy person, and made a few calls and ended up with our goal of $300...

then the day before the walk...last Friday...
life took a twist...
the concept of babies that die too early hit hard, a huge punch in the stomach.

our friends lost their sweet 4 1/2 month old baby boy to SIDS.

when I went to bed Friday night I wasn't sure if I would get up and do the walk...
Then when I woke up on Saturday,
after what I can only describe as the crappiest night's sleep E.V.E.R!
I knew I had to do the walk.
I needed to walk for all babies!
wanted or unwanted...
I needed to walk for LIFE!

on the drive to the walk Madison and I talked about lots of stuff.
I knew this was a pro-life event...
but I wasn't sure if there would be anti-abortion things
(although it seems like they may be the same thing, and yes their end goal is the same, saving babies, pro-life 'propaganda' is easier to have your child see than anti-abortion 'propaganda")
so not knowing what we may see or hear at the walk I had a tough talk with my baby-lovin' girl child.

me-Madison, do you know what we're walking for today?
Madison-for babies
me-yes, for babies. but for babies that people don't want.  have you ever heard of an abortion?
me-did you know that sometimes women get pregnant and they didn't want to?
Me-They are too young to be a mom, or they don't like the dad they choose for the baby, or they're just scared?  
me-so there is an operation called an abortion that takes the baby out of the woman.
Madison-and then where does it grow?
me-honey, when they take the baby out it's too young to live outside of the mommy and it dies.
Madison-how, why, what?  so the baby dies?
me-yes, they are usually scared young women that feel like they have no other option and can't imagine any other thing to do.
Madison-so they just end the life of the baby?  they let it die?
Madison-do they know it's alive?
me-well, so people don't think the baby is alive until it's born? 
Madison-but the baby has a heartbeat! {she still remembers hearing Wilson's heartbeat when I was pregnant!}and it's always moving!
me-and that is something that we are walking for, the Walk For Life helps teach those scared women that their babies are alive and then they help them either find someone to adopt their baby or help them get what they need to keep their baby.
Madison-don't they know that there are mommies like Karen that would give anything to have their baby alive? {Karen is Erik's mommy} baby girl gets it...
me-Madison, that's why we're walking today.  We want women to know that they are loved and their babies are loved and that people want to help them.  We want them to know that every life matters!

right before the walk someone said a prayer, during the prayer people were handing out balloons.
Pink & Blue balloons.
When the prayer was over I noticed that both Madison and I had blue balloons...
my girl child is just that 100% pink sparkly girl!  pink is her color!
I also notice that a boy a few feet away has a pink balloon.
my daughter loves pink, this boy probably doesn't...

me-Madison, I bet you could trade that boy your blue balloon for his pink one.
Madison-mom, I want this blue balloon.  I want it for Erik.  I love baby boys just as much as I love baby girls!  I want us to let our balloons go at the end for baby Erik! baby girl really, really gets it.
to me, it was just the color of a balloon...for Madison she knew that we were walking for all girls and baby boys.  babies yet to be born and babies already born, but left too soon!

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Grannie Jan said...

This was a very, very beautiful post, Kiera. Thank you for being a great Mom and thanks to both of you for having big hearts. It's all about love.