Wednesday, May 16, 2012

my week

it's just the boy child and me this week...
the husband and girl child are away at WES camp
Whiskeytown Environmental Camp
blog note:
...Whiskeytown is a local Lake and State Park...
I didn't send the 5th grade girl to a camp to learn about making fire water!

anyways....this has been my week
call dr. office to talk about insurance issues
volunteer for boy child's class
call dr. office leave message
have wii tournament with boy child
(fyi...I totally kicked his you-no-what in table tennis and frisbee)
make waffles for dinner
have Monday night Hookers over
...that's what I call my crochet ladies that come over on Monday's
stay up way too late with Erin trying to get the knot-from-Hades out of her yarn!

wake up too early on Tuesday morning
call dr's office and leave message about insurance stuff
hang out with church financial secretary while we are both on the phone with insurance company about a totally new issue
pick up boy child
cuddle and read with boy child
call dr office AGAIN
get letter from insurance company about totally different issue...
repeat the mantra
"I just love health insurance companies"
fall asleep crazy early due to last night's 'hookin' issues

wake up early because I went to bed too early
call dr office and leave another message about issue #1
have meeting with volunteer
pick up boy child
make cookies....
and that's where we are right now...boy and I are going to make cookies!
good bye!

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