Wednesday, May 18, 2011


ugh!  packing, packing,
tossing, purging, packing

boxes, tape & sharpies

and the occasional,
"where did I put that one thing that's really important and I needed it today?"

I will sit down soon and catch you up on all of it
the how, why, what
as soon and were settled and unpacked...

but to give you the short story

our current house is old
it has no closet space, storage space, breathing space
     it is quaint
it has too many awkward issues
     it has loads of character
it IS the money pit
     it has lots of potential for the future owner to personalize

our current house has NO back yard
     or side yard
         or suitable outdoor space for our children to play

our kids...
girl child 10 yrs old
     aka know-it-all older wiser sister
boy child 5 1/2  yrs old
    aka annoying exuberant little brother
these two, lovely, sweet children of ours...
currently share a room...they NEED their own room
...I will be the first to tell you the wonderful benefits of children/siblings sharing a room
...but with the gender and age difference we have out lived the benefits of sharing and are ALL looking forward to the two of them having their own space!

and now my break from boxes, packing, purging is over and I must return!


Krystle said...

Do you guys have a place to move to already? Moving is exhausting!

Kiera said...

yes, we have the new place, moving on Friday...