Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

here are some totally random photos for Mother's Day

yeah, I know this is a Christmas picture, but it's the only one I could find of me with my mom when I was a hint, hint Mom...I need some more pictures of my childhood!

a picture of my mother, my daughter and I, the day that Wilson was born.  I know I look amazingly great in this picture!  But I think it's a sweet picture of 3 generations!

two other amazing mothers in my life are my mother-in-law...I am so blessed by her in my life!
and my sister-in-law...a wonderful mother, an amazing aunt and a special friend
...what can I say, the Chambers men marry well!

Thank you mom you gave us so much growing up.  The hours you put into our lives, the prayers you prayed over us (and still pray) the foundation of faith that you instilled in my life has been my rock.  Thank you for being an amazing mother and now friend.

Kathy, you have been my mother-in-love...I knew when Beau and I were dating that you were a nice person, and I have realized over and over again since them how truly blessed I am that you are Beau's mother and I am honored to be part of your family.  Thank you for also laying the foundation of faith in your family and raising boys that love and follow the Lord, that became Men that lead their family towards the Lord!

Julie, I remember Luke bringing you 'home' and we all knew that you were that special one.  And I have so enjoyed watching you grow as a mom these past 2 years.  I can't believe that it's been 2 years and that it's ONLY been 2 years.  The wisdom and patience that you posses as a mother is amazing and I am always blessed by our time spent together.  You always encourage me and I am so thankful that our children get to grow up together!

Happy Mothers Day!

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Kathy said...

Being raised in a family of men, and then raising them, I think my mother 'hung on' to life just long enough so that she could know I had another caring woman in the family who would love me...well, not as much as she did (she was my MOM after all) but certainly in the sweetest way possible...just like you do. I wish we had more time together.
Thanks for these kind words.
I feel happy.