Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Free-Candy-From-Strangers Day

why, hello there!
l-r Wilson's "jack", my curly "C", Madison's Cat on a fence
and then my worty pumpkin with poka-dot holes (hard to see)...
also a plastic golden pumpkin in the background looks like it might have eyes, it does not!
yep, I've been blog absent for a whole just got busy, and as I wrote at the beginning of the year, this blog is for fun and it will not take away from my I have been present with my kids and husband and working, and yes, the blog has taken back seat...
Wilson as his Father & Madison as a 6th grade student in 1988!

but I wanted to do a re-post for ya'll on this post about 'Celebrating Halloween' as a Christian...