Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tour of Nativities

My Tour of Nativities continues with one of our first nativities.  
I bought this the year Beau and I were married (it's our 15th Christmas)...
It's nothing special, I'm sure I picked it up at WalMart or Target...
it's ceramic but durable.
I've always let my kids play with my Nativities...with supervision of course.

I have these mini suitcases in our living room, I use them for decor all year round, and I usually set up one of my nativities on/with the suitcases...I think it's fitting, with all the traveling this little family did!

I've always liked this baby sweet...When Madison was little she would always want to nap with baby Him!

Here is the far away's sharing a table with our fish tank...Jesus can hang with the fish, wasn't he a fisher of men?!?
do you have a special way of displaying your nativities?

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